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About Flower

About Flower Clothing

The FLOWER brand was born from a seed of inspiration and has grown from a single store to a national success story. Our brand is unique and feminine, and truly captures the essence of the Australian woman.

It's your brand...

You are our inspiration. You're busy, you're social and you want to look beautiful. Our design philosophy is to create stylish and easy to wear garments that reflect your lifestyle.

We are designing soft, feminine collections in stunning fabrics and flowing silhouettes. We want you to feel stylish and beautiful and that is why you inspire every one of our designs.

You are what's important..

You, our customer, have made the FLOWER brand what it is today. You are the most important part of our business.

We know you want to be helped by friendly, professional and knowledgeable people, so we try at every stage to make your FLOWER experience a pleasurable one.  

We are proud to present a culture inspired by family values and true integrity. Our continued growth and success would not be possible without your support.

We appreciate you!

Welcome to FLOWER. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon.


The FLOWER story is about one man's dream to create a unique and beautiful brand that truly represents the lives of contemporary Australian women.

Founder and Creative Director Chris Hoffmann has spent his life in the fashion industry and is passionate about style and design. His dream was to help women feel comfortable and beautiful by creating a collection that genuinely reflected how they felt about fashion.

FLOWER started with a single store in Perth in 2000 and has enjoyed great success for nearly two decades.

Our design team travels the globe, taking inspiration from other cultures and lifestyles. We take the latest trends and fabric designs, to create collections that are of the moment, while staying true to the FLOWER style philosophy.

And so the dream has become a reality, as women across Australia are discovering and falling in love with the FLOWER collection.


Trading Name: FLOWER & CO.

ABN:17 908 395 532

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